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Easy Office 365 Migration From ANC Group

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” might be a good adage to live by when it comes to trusting an old family recipe, but the scope and performance of technology changes much more rapidly than the culinary world. A lot of businesses stick with old servers and software solutions because making the jump to a cloud platform can be scary. At ANC Group, we remove the mystery from cloud migration; as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we specialize in helping businesses in their Exchange to Office 365 migration process, or any migration to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. The world of cloud computing advances every day—isn’t it time you gave your server the upgrade that it needs?

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Advantages Of Moving To Office 365 From Exchange

Choosing the right migration plan for your network is a big decision for any business. We know that you might have some reservations, and that’s why ANC Group’s team of dedicated technicians wants to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are some of the benefits of making the jump to Office 365, whether it’s from a Microsoft Exchange server or a physical onsite server.

  • Scalable service: Your billing for Office 365 is contingent on what you actually use, rather than a one-size-fits-all plan that doesn’t align with your needs. If you want to add new users or scale back operations and hone your focus on a more specific goal, you can make changes as needed whenever your business requires them.
  • Flexible solutions: When you combine the flexibility of a cloud service with the reliability of your on-premise solution, you get Office 365. Say goodbye to unnecessary fees stemming from physical server maintenance, and say hello to all of your applications and data, now in a more accessible and useful location.
  • Remote accessibility: The modern office doesn’t always require your employees to be chained to their desk. With more and more staff members working remotely, it makes more sense to offer them a solution that allows for optimal flexibility. Office 365 gives your staff the chance to use the same applications, share files, and communicate efficiently with onsite personnel for optimal project management.
  • Instant updates: Unlike most physical servers, cloud options process new updates quickly and seamlessly. Before the cloud, you used to have to wait for what felt like forever for a new update, not including the frustrating installation process that would take place once the update arrived. With Office 365, you’ll be able to implement and enjoy the most recent iteration right away with minimal hassle.
  • Optimal security: It’s a common misconception that the cloud is less secure than a physical server; just because your information is digitized doesn’t mean it’s in harm’s way. Office 365 comes with cutting-edge cloud security for optimal data storage.