For a flat monthly fee, find the perfect hardware.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Without the right technology in place, it can feel impossible for your business to reach its long-term goals. ANC Group will help your team procure unique assets designed to increase productivity without disrupting your budget or temporarily causing downtime. Similar to a leasing or licensing agreement, Hardware as a Service agreements set up your office with a solution that includes installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Our service model is contingent on helping you find the right fit, and removing the stress from finding the perfect hardware with consistent upkeep. Our goal is to provide a technology that helps you achieve your goals without skipping a beat, including:

  • Disaster recovery appliances that can help you restore business operations, recover pertinent data, and allow you to continue to use everyday applications.
  • Firewalls that protect your network from harmful external agents.
  • End-user pieces to improve functionality.

While ANC Group’s HaaS offering is included in our Managed Service Provider (MSP) agreements, we also provide HaaS for clients that don’t use us as their primary MSP. We recognize that not every business can afford the capital expenditure every month for new hardware; that’s why we provide specific, cost-effective solutions designed to meet your needs and while satisfying your budget.

Optimize your hardware with ANC Group.

We offer HaaS agreements that improve and refine your IT.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Finding the right hardware for your business can be difficult without the right resources. You might find that the technology you need doesn’t come anywhere close to fitting within your budget. Working with a provider that can take what resources you have and use them to find an ideal solution for your business without disrupting workflow, cratering your budget, or causing significant downtime, is paramount to success. That’s why ANC Group takes so much time to find the perfect hardware for your business. Whether you need to accommodate remotely stationed staff members, increase storage capacity, or update the equipment you work with, we’ll make sure that we find exactly what you’re looking for all within your budget.

Don’t Let Technology Leave You Behind

Every year, businesses forego spending money on valuable new technology because of how costly finding the right solution can be. That’s why our team actively works to identify a unique solution that satisfies your needs without overextending your budget. You already have enough on your plate without being tasked to find the perfect hardware for what you want to achieve. Leave the hard part to the experts; Applied Networks excels at helping our clients deliver a custom-tailored answer to all of your hardware questions. Don’t wait until your current solution breaks down to force your hand to make a decision. For proactive hardware support, reach out to the team at Applied Networks today.