How Can Businesses Adapt To Increased Cybersecurity Threats?

Brian Daughhetee, President and CEO of ANC Group, sat down for a roundtable discussion with South Carolina Business Magazine for their Cybersecurity Edition, alongside other industry thought leaders of cyber security, online threats, and artificial intelligence. With an increase in cybersecurity threats for businesses over the last year, this group of panelists experts answered questions on how to prepare your business for a cyber threat, how to reduce risk, and where they see the future of cybersecurity going.

What are the most Pressing Cyber Security Concerns Facing Businesses and Other Organizations?

“We obviously see a range of things, and for a lot of people, I think the go-to instinct is to throw more technology at it. But the common weak link over and over again is the people and the culture. We can put things in place when we find a breach, and fix it. Usually, we can analyze the breach, determine what happened, and close whatever hole was there. The thing that keeps popping up consistently, though is training staff, getting them in a security-minded culture and security mindset. That’s probably the biggest lift because it’s ongoing. You’re constantly getting new staff, new employees.” Brian Daughhetee

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