The community in Greenville is favorable for all businesses from small enterprises to medium-sized and large companies. All of these companies require reliable local IT support in Greenville to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and boost productivity. 

With the technology challenges small businesses and startups face, they require an IT partner who provides ideal IT solutions. As an experienced IT company, ANC Group is equipped to offer that and more for businesses in Greenville.

Our IT Services in Greenville


We provide a wide range of professional IT services for businesses in Greenville and beyond. Our IT Services include:

Our managed IT optimizes your network for peak performance through comprehensive managed services, 24/7 monitoring, server virtualization, data backup, intrusion protection, IT consulting and disaster recovery solutions. 

This way, you can go about your daily activities with peace of mind knowing that your IT is in safe hands. We help you remain productive by aligning our solutions with your long-term business strategy and day-to-day operations.

While technology is good for business growth, it also attracts cybercrime. Recently, cybercrime has evolved into sophisticated forms that have the ability to cripple businesses. Cybersecurity is therefore no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. 

ANC Group specializes in keeping your network up-to-date with comprehensive assessments, incident reporting software, technology upgrades, and efficient threat remediation. Our team of security experts continually monitors your network to detect and control security threats so that you can focus on your business rather than security. 

It isn’t easy to find technology that suits your needs and satisfies your budget. At ANC Group, we align our technology solutions with your long-term business strategies to help you optimize hardware and refine IT. 

Whether you need to upgrade your equipment, purchase new devices, or increase storage capacity, we work with your budget to get you what you need.

We also provide you with the latest firewalls, upgraded servers, structured cabling, and disaster recovery appliances. Additionally, we make relocation easy for you by efficiently shipping your hardware items and helping you with installation and integration services on the new site.

As businesses move their systems to the cloud, you would want a vendor who understands your business needs and supports you through the migration process. ANC Group offers user-friendly cloud migration and integration services designed to help you achieve optimal productivity, increase storage capacity, and maximize accessibility for your staff. 


The good thing about working with us is that our cloud solutions are flexible, affordable, and highly scalable. 

Why Choose ANC Group?

Some of the benefits of choosing our IT services for your Greenville business include:

We provide modern technology solutions that fit your unique needs. We help you achieve the results you want through our cutting-edge solutions.

As your IT provider, we collaborate with your team to understand your technology, your objectives, and deploy a strategy that aligns with your goals.


Your business growth is key to us. We listen to your needs and offer ongoing support based on your budget and requirements.


Work with a Trusted IT Company in Greenville, SC

ANC Group provides comprehensive IT solutions to keep your systems running at peak efficiency. If you are looking to streamline your IT infrastructure through reliable and high-quality technology, contact us today.