Located in the Upstate Region of South Carolina, Spartanburg is an ideal setting for businesses of all kinds. Here you will find a diverse economy comprising manufacturing, healthcare, education, automotive, and transport sectors. Its gently sloping landscape provides easy access to major highways, which makes it a great area for business growth and development.

Spartanburg businesses require a robust IT framework to streamline processes, secure operations, and increase productivity. At ANC Group, we help you optimize technology for better results by offering innovative and cutting-edge IT solutions for your unique business needs.

Our Best In Class Services


We focus on delivering high-quality IT and personalized solutions that fit your business. Our IT Services in Spartanburg include:

Every business requires an MSP that understands its IT environment and offers the right solutions. Our managed IT services strengthen and secure your IT systems through comprehensive managed services, server virtualization, 24/7 monitoring, disaster recovery solution, and data backup. 

Our team of IT professionals also conducts regular security checks and maintenance on your servers and systems to ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency and security.

Small businesses are one of the key targets for cyberattacks. With the substantial cost implications that come with a successful hacking, most companies end up closing for good. 

That’s why you need a robust cybersecurity framework to secure your business from external attacks. ANC Group offers comprehensive vulnerability testing, security reporting, and threat remediation solutions to help you secure your systems and remain productive.

Procuring hardware items can be challenging if you do not have a reliable source. ANC Group makes it easy for businesses to grow by providing hardware solutions that align with your business strategies. Whether you want to upgrade your hardware, increase storage capacity, or acquire new computers, we’ve got you covered.

We also help you optimize operations by providing comprehensive network installation and design. This includes structured cabling which meets your budget and technology needs. Our team of network engineers ensures your servers, devices, and software applications are up-to-date for optimal productivity. 

Additionally, if you are planning to move offices, you can count on us for a seamless relocation.

Cloud computing is an integral part of any modern business. With so many cloud options available, getting the right cloud solution for your Spartanburg business can be overwhelming. We offer user-friendly cloud integration, migration, and ongoing support for a high-performing cloud system.

When it comes to cloud migration, you can count on our professionals to professionally move your data, applications, servers, and systems with minimal interruptions to your operations. Our solutions are affordable, flexible, and highly scalable. Whether you opt for private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions, our cloud solutions are right for your business. 

Why Choose ANC Group

Choosing our services for your Spartanburg business guarantee these benefits:

With over 60 years of experience, our team has the necessary skills you need to streamline your network and grow your business.

Every solution we provide is tailor-made to fit your budget, technology requirements, and business goals. 


Our friendly IT experts work closely with your team to understand your specific needs and offer support whenever you need it.


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Our high-quality and innovative IT services in Spartanburg are what you need to grow your business. If you’re seeking a local IT partner who prioritizes your needs, contact us today.