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Customized Network Installation for a Perfect Fit

Every business’s network needs are unique to them. That’s why we offer a customized approach to wired and wireless network installations. Learn more about our approach and values below.

Optimize Efficiency With ANC Group

How effective is your current network? Sure, things might be working for right now—but what happens when you begin to grow? Finding the right solution for your business is critical if you want to enjoy optimal workflow. Without the right network in place, you run the risk of compromising productivity, sacrificing efficiency, and unnecessarily increasing monthly costs. ANC Group offers comprehensive network installation and design services designed to maximize your potential, with custom-tailored solutions that fit your budget, personnel size, and technology requirements.

We Base Our Network Installation Solutions on You, and No One Else

Our network installation engineers begin their process only after an extensive consultation session with you. We want to make sure that the solution we offer is a perfect match for your long-term strategy, whether you need a comprehensive redesign or an upgrade of an existing network. Our services include:

  • Pre-design consultation services to outline your current solutions, enabling our team at ANC Group to make the right recommendation for your specific situation.
  • Comprehensive network design including structured cabling, safety and security, application migration, data configuration, and integration of other services you require.
  • Integration services to help your users fit seamlessly into the new solution.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support.

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What Are You Looking For In A Network?

Your network needs to be optimized to your specific standards for it to be the right fit long-term. Whether you need an entire school body to be able to use the same software or you want your mobile employees to connect with your team at work, ANC Group has the resources and experience to make sure that we implement the right solution for you. We take the following factors into account to optimize our network installation services to meet your requirements:

Usage Over Time

How many people are going to be using the network? What features of your system will they be interacting with? Are there remote employees that we need to account for?

Long-Term Goals

How will your network help you achieve success? What sort of tools need to be in place for this installation to be a success? How does our solution fit into your budget, and how does that budget look five years down the road?


What sensitive information needs to be protected? For example, a school’s network needs to keep student information confidential. Are you going to store this information in a data center, or do you have an onsite solution in place? No business, school, hospital, or even home office can afford to overlook the importance of cybersecurity.


If you’re a business that frequently hosts visitors, it’s critical for the security and functionality of your network that you have separate ways for visitors and regular users to access your network. One of the most important facets of your network is allowing access to the right users while restricting access from unwanted intruders.

Custom-Tailored Network Installation Services by ANC Group

Achieving success without the right infrastructure in place is impossible. For a high-quality network solution that your entire team can count on, reach out to our team of engineers today. Once we have our pre-screening consultation, we’ll make sure that the solution we deliver puts you in the best position possible for reaching your long-term business goals. Don’t waste time, money, and resources operating with a solution that doesn’t align with your strategy; choose a provider that’s always seeking new ways to optimize your new technology. Call ANC Group today.