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When was the last time you made a change that helped your network run more smoothly? Without the right infrastructure in place, you risk compromising efficiency and increasing monthly costs. ANC Group offers user-friendly cloud migration and integration services designed to help you achieve optimal productivity, increase storage capacity, and maximize accessibility for your staff.

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ANC Group offers a diverse range of cloud solutions including hybrid cloud offerings, public cloud vendor connections, and Microsoft Office 365 Migrations. Curious as to which one is right for your specific business? We’ve outlined some unique features of each one so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits Of Hosted Private Cloud Solutions

With so many options for data storage and server hosting, it can be overwhelming to choose one that’s right for your business. ANC Group offers our clients the best in cloud integration, migration, and ongoing support for a high-performing cloud system. A hosted private cloud solution offers several benefits, including:

Is Public Cloud Right For Your Business?

Making the jump to a brand new cloud platform is a big step for any business. After years spent operating with a physical server, you might have more questions than answers when you’re just starting out. ANC Group offers public cloud services including installation, migration, and ongoing support as an additional service to our comprehensive managed service provider (MSP) contract. We’ll monitor and remediate as if your cloud offering were an actual server onsite, leaving you with optimal peace of mind and a reliable solution for your applications and data storage. There are a host of benefits public clouds offer:

For all of your data storage needs, a public cloud offering can offer you more than any other solution. With a convenient pay-as-you-go model, they give you the most flexibility when it comes to keeping your information tucked away and safe.

Due to the high demand placed on a public cloud’s performance, there’s a high standard for functionality. With continual updates made to the platform, you can rest easy knowing that the platform you’re using is fine-tuned to meet the latest technological standards. When you use a private cloud solution, the cost of upgrading your solution every time a new alternative comes around may be too much for some businesses to afford.

When you use a public cloud vendor, keeping your information safe is their number one priority—you don’t have to lift a finger to make sure your data is secure. A private solution means you have to rely on your provider to maintain the entire system. Remove the hassle with easy-to-use public cloud offerings.

It’s easier than ever to add new users, reduce the scope of your operation, or make any other necessary changes without too much work. Using a physical server requires almost a categorical realigning of your technology—make life easier on yourself with a public cloud.

Benefits Of A Hybrid Cloud Solution

While a lot of companies have migrated toward their own private option, hybrid cloud offerings are the perfect solution for companies looking to find the control and high-level security of a private option with the flexibility and low-cost of a public platform. If you’re looking to make the switch, we’ve compiled a list of what makes a hybrid cloud model right for so many companies.

Organizations that learn to leverage public clouds into offsetting heavy usage will find that they can save a significant amount of money. You’ll retain access to all of your management tools and computing resources, without bearing the burden of costly hardware solutions. The less money you’re forced to spend on infrastructure, the more you’ll be able to devote toward other projects that require urgent attention.

Users that deal exclusively with on-premise solutions are actually more at risk for a security breach than those that work with hybrid cloud infrastructures. ANC Group installs unique solutions from Microsoft (including Office 365 and Azure) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that improve functionality without compromising your network’s security.

Companies that lean heavily on the public cloud experience less downtime, increase application functionality, and 24/7 access for employees that need it. It’s no longer a problem for an employee to work remotely, access pertinent information after work-hours, and complete projects in an efficient manner. By combining the best of what private and public clouds have to offer, your network connectivity will be stronger than ever.

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