At ANC Group, we are here to support businesses, schools, and organizations with our industry-leading IT services in Charleston, SC.

One of the true gems of South Carolina, Charleston has become the economic and educational center of the state. With a growing population of over 136,208 people, new and established businesses and schools in the area need to focus on maintaining their IT infrastructure, hardware, and security in order to stay competitive in a changing environment. 

That is where our team at ANC Group comes in, providing some of the best IT services in Charleston, SC to over 600 clients including large businesses and schools to guarantee that your organization can continue to compete and thrive in this modern city. 


ANC Group’s IT Services in Charleston, SC 

Investing in a dedicated in-house IT department makes sense for large companies, however for small-to-medium-sized businesses and educational institutions, hiring our dedicated team makes more economic sense without sacrificing quality. Below are the core services that we offer to support your organization’s operations, IT security, and more:

You don’t have to worry about matching your IT network with the demands and future trajectory of your organization when we can take care of every step. Our services include assessing the organization’s needs, developing a comprehensive plan of your IT infrastructure, installing hardware, monitoring your network, IT project management, and more.

Our managed IT services also include 24/7 monitoring, IT consulting, intrusion protection, full data backup, and disaster recovery, to guarantee that your network performs exactly how you need it to. 

IT security is a priority for any business and educational institution, ensuring that you can safeguard sensitive information against cyberattacks. Our comprehensive cybersecurity services include vulnerability testing to test network security and to locate all potential weak points.

Our routine reporting uses the latest statistics and cybersecurity reports to protect your network from all likely security threats. We also provide threat remediation with quick detection and recovery services to ensure you don’t suffer from lengthy downtimes in the instance of an attack.

As well as the design of your network’s infrastructure, where you store your data plays a significant role in your organization’s efficiency and overall costs.

At ANC Group, we provide all of our clients with the best cloud storage options with full data migration and integration services that will boost productivity, increase your network’s storage capacity, and improve accessibility for all users.

We offer private cloud hosting and hybrid cloud hosting that combines the best of both public and private options, access to a range of the best public cloud hosting providers, and additional Office 365 migration services.

We designed our IT hardware services to give you access to the best hardware options based on your organization’s specific needs. Clients can choose from a range of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) options so that instead of purchasing expensive equipment that will devalue over time, you can instead access the latest hardware for a flat monthly rate, similar to leasing.


Our HaaS options also mean that we take care of installation, equipment monitoring, and regular maintenance. We also include network installation where we deliver customized networks based on how you operate for improved efficiency and ease of use. 

ANC Group’s  hardware installations upgrade any aspect of your network, and our structured cabling services guarantee there is no obstruction to your office spaces while minimizing performance issues. Our cabling services include a choice between fiber optic cabling, CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6 cabling based on your specific network needs. 

If you are in Charleston, SC, and are ready to work alongside the industry-leading IT professionals, then contact us today.