What is our T.A.P.?

Our Technology Action Plan is designed to assess your business’s technology and provide an overview for next steps in strengthening your company’s efficiency and security.

An Outcome You Can Work With

Our Technology Action Plan positions your company to approach the role of technology in your business with confidence. Our thorough assessment includes:


An organized list of prioritized action steps balancing investment and return.

A detailed analysis on all investigated systems.

Results of employee feedback regarding technology.

Do You Need a Technology Action Plan?

Do you have an action plan for your technology that takes your business from where it is today to where you want to go? Is your technology supporting and driving your business in that same direction?

Take our quick assessment below to see if your company is covering all of the IT essentials for an effective Technology Action Plan.

Our T.A.P. Assesses the Following Key Components of Your Technology


ANC will examine your wired and wireless network design. We will review your current systems, their configuration and identify any issues or opportunities for optimization/improvement. We will also produce a Visio diagram of your current network infrastructure. Inventory data will be captured on all networking devices.


ANC will review your Active Directory design and implementation. Specific attention will be paid to AD configuration, Users, Groups and Security Policies. A list of Current, Inactive and Disabled accounts and devices will be provided as well as a complete inventory of all devices connected to the Domain.


ANC will investigate the Data security aspects of your network with special attention paid to Firewall, Directory and Physical security of the Data infrastructure. Detailed analysis of Security Policies such as Passwords, Login, Timeout and Network Privileges will be done. A full report of all network privileges based on user account access will also be provided.


ANC will review your shared Network Storage as well as local storage on Domain devices. A Summary report of Free and Used Storage as well as a detailed report of Storage by user will be provided.

Internet Traffic

ANC will conduct a Layer 7 analysis of all traffic going in and out of the network over the internet link. This report will identify all applications currently running on the network and identify possible threats or policy violations. Additionally, ANC will conduct a survey of Web Content access and report out access to potentially undesirable sites.

Why Choose ANC?

Since 1999, ANC has used our understanding of leading edge technology to make a difference to the personal and professional lives of our clients. Our services are designed to proactively manage IT assets—from infrastructure to data security and beyond. Take our quick assessment today to see if our Technology Action Plan would be a good place to start for your business.

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