Here are The Best Tech Tools for SMBs

Due to budget constraints, small businesses often find themselves unable to afford the tools and systems necessary to streamline their daily activities. As a result, small businesses, unlike large corporations, spend most of their time tackling day-to-day operations and sacrifice time spent on strategic planning, long-term goals, and other functions that can help grow their businesses. 

With the tech sector contributing nearly $12.7 billion into South Carolina’s economy in 2018, it is advisable to seek solutions for SMBs from its capable hands. South Carolina is home to over 7,500 tech firms. Most of these firms are engaged in finding affordable solutions to problems facing the SMB sector. 

To solve these predicaments for SMBs, we reviewed dozens of tech tools that help small businesses tackle their tasks and allow them to grow. Below are some of the best tech tools we chose based on ease-of-use, quality of the tool, common business needs, and pricing value.

Customer Interaction Management Software

With dozens of customer service avenues, small business owners and entrepreneurs often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of platforms they need to keep in touch with their clients. 

However, there are ways to integrate these platforms and streamline your processes. Local South Carolina IT Companies can help your small business with everything technical from cybersecurity and VoIP to cloud storage and network speed. 

Inventory Management Tools

For SMBs that are product-based, it can be tremendously challenging to manage inventories. Fortunately, a growing number of inventory management solutions have been introduced to the market to help businesses formulate their data analysis and reporting, operational workflows, customers, customer service, and scalability, among other retail issues.

One such platform is LOCATE, which dozens of SMBs have used to integrate their order management and sales channels and streamline their fulfillment operations. Thanks to such platforms, small business owners can save a lot of time on inventory management and focus on other essential factions of their businesses.

Progress Monitoring and Management Tools

While most small business owners may underestimate the importance of progress monitoring and management, it is one of the essential parts of any successful business. 

Progress management software helps your management team to monitor the progress of your business goals and objectives. While it can be a daunting task to stay on top of your team’s progress, it could be much easier with platforms such as ClickUp

Account Management Tools

As we may all already know, it is essential to manage all your accounts efficiently and effectively without compromising their security. With the right account management tools, your employees and management team can easily access the accounts without the need to store sensitive data in locations that could compromise the business. 

Notwithstanding, the accounts can easily be accessed and also updated with no one outside your organization gaining access to the information. One such platform is LastPass, which can be used when employees need to access their social media accounts as well as work portals and websites.

Email Marketing Software

Whether yours is a large or medium enterprise, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your products. When it comes to small businesses, Mailchimp is a must-have. It is one of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to tap into the power of email marketing. 

Mailchimp also supplies your business with tons of analytics regarding your email campaigns which will eventually streamline your email marketing strategy. The Mailchimp firm is an influential IT company for small businesses in South Carolina.