Department of Education’s Guidelines Outdated

Cybersecurity for Schools

Today’s technology is ever-changing and rapidly advancing. Along with the constant advancements in cyber security, cybercriminals are also advancing their tactics. An alarming fact is that the Department of Education hasn’t upgraded its policies for cybersecurity for schools since 2010. 

That means schools are a prime target for ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats. Improvements and better security measures are essential to protect valuable personal data. 

Schemes and Ransomware Attacks

In the last few years, ransomware attacks on educational institutions have been on the rise. Cybercriminals can seize a computer and demand payment to release their systems. Less than efficient cybersecurity is to blame. Some other threats that schools face include: 

  • Email scams
  • Disruption to online classes
  • Service attacks 

While these threats loom, the Department of Education’s top officials claim they feel it is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s job to guide them through the process of upgrading security measures and have failed to take action as a result.

Schools aren’t taking the necessary measures to keep up with security measures to prevent these events because of the DOE’s viewpoint on cybercriminal activity and monitoring. That’s why schools and educational institutions need the latest IT and cybersecurity services to protect their data and Personally Identifiable Information of faculty, students, and staff. 

Managed IT Services Protect Schools

A managed IT provider can not only ensure that the institution’s computers and networks run smoothly, but that they also have the highest level of protection available. 

They have the resources and skills to identify areas of potential threat and increase security measures for additional protection. They can also work to continuously monitor systems to detect any threats and protect from cybercriminals. Some services they provide include the following:

  • Data Backup 
  • Cloud Migration
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery

If your school or educational institution is currently at risk for cybercriminal activity because of a lack of managed IT and security, now is the time to get reliable protection. Professionally managed IT services can help keep internal processes running smoothly while preventing online attacks. Don’t wait for a security threat to occur before taking preventative measures to protect sensitive data. 

Get Better IT Services Today

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