How to Increase Efficiency of Your Business Through Your IT

The way your network is set up can have a huge effect on your company’s operations as a whole. Poor setup and organization can lead to convoluted systems and hang ups between employees. The same thing is true with poor internet connections. Faster internet speeds allow employees to accomplish tasks sooner, and vice versa. Here are a few ways to improve your internal network speed and the efficiency of your systems.

Upgrading Operating System To Improve Computer Speed

Sometimes, if things are running poorly or slowly, it can lead to a lot of wasted time and even frustration among your team. Many times, business owners can jump the gun in thinking they need to buy completely new products. However, correcting inefficiencies and looking for updates to current operating systems/products should always come before buying new.

Often times simple updates can fix the issues. A trusted IT partner can help assess what technology you already have and see where it does and doesn’t make sense to spend money.

Voip With Slow Internet Speeds

If your company is using a VoIP system, high internet speeds and bandwidth are necessary for proper function and no dropped calls. If you’re experiencing dropped calls or slow speeds there are a few different ways you can easily fix these issues.

One way is to purchase a firewall to block known time-wasting websites and to allocate lower amounts of bandwidth to non-work tasks. This frees up more bandwidth for VoIP calls to connect faster and not drop.

Another way is with faster internet or dedicated leased fiber optic, which have a higher price point, but provide better service for your employees and your customers, which is essential to a healthy, growing company.

Dedicated Leased Fiber Optic

There are several different types of internet service that can vary in cost and benefit. The most common type of internet connection is on a shared network and can be slowed down if you’re in a congested area with alot of internet users, even ones outside of your business. A dedicated fiber leased optic is a connection dedicated just for your business and won’t be slowed down based on anyone outside your company. While it can be an initially higher cost, it can save money through overall reliability which affects company efficiency, productivity, and even client retention. If your internet speed consistently negatively affects your clients, that can lead to loss of clients and ultimately loss of income.

Employee Productivity

Maybe you’ve never thought of how your operating system could take your employee’s efficiency to the next level, but quite simply, faster internet speeds and fewer dropped calls mean a lot of time and energy saved for essential tasks. Properly setup networks also ensure all employees are able to share files and access resources quickly. Proper backups of employee work can also save time in case of loss.

Collaboration Hang-ups Between Employees

Cloud-based software (such as Office 365) can also make a world of difference when it comes to productivity. It takes care of things like software licensing which can be not only time consuming, but also frustrating. However, with Office 365 all licensing is included, company wide. This means that all your employees will always have the same, most updated version of each Microsoft Office app. Also, data backup, security, and recovery are included and managed by Microsoft, which is huge.


A trusted IT partner can help you assess your systems and see where you’re losing important time and money. Instead of buying new products, updating and/or upgrading your Operating System to improve computer speeds as well as purchasing higher internet speeds allow for efficiency within your company, saving you time and money in the long run. We can help! Give us a call today.