How to Select the Right Telecom Agent for Your Business

In today’s climate, business owners have more options than ever when it comes to service providers. It used to be that a company’s service providers would automatically be local, or at least locally available. But with this current information age and easy access to the internet, the options have become endless, and possibly even overwhelming when it comes to choosing a provider. This is especially true when looking for a Telecom Agent. Telecom agents help identify the right telco and cloud solution providers for your business. And as with everything, there seems to be this constant push and pull between local, customer-service based providers, and more budget-friendly remote providers a business can find online. We get the struggle.

The Benefits of Using an Agent

Think of it this way, the agent is like a general medical practitioner, while the provider is like a surgeon. Stay with us here…. The main benefit of working with an agent over going directly to a provider is that the agent is going to be more like your general medical practitioner. You go see your general practitioner when you have symptoms or questions about something going on, but you may not have any idea which road to take to find a solution. The general practitioner uses their knowledge and expertise to help direct you to the specialist that can help you fix your issue(s). Same with a Telecom Agent. They can assess your needs/issues and connect you with the provider that will be the best fit for your needs.

The right telco carrier isn’t necessarily the one that promises the most, but rather, is the one that can meet the functional and operational needs of your business in the best way as well as fit into your budget.

Taking the time to ask some simple questions can help ensure that you choose the right agent. Here are what we believe to be the best characteristics to look for:

1. An Agent Who Is Interested In Getting To Know Your Business More Than Just Selling You Something

Look out for representatives who only tell you all about the benefits of their solutions. Instead find one who asks questions and gets to know your needs/desires. You want a telecom agent that looks out for the best interests of your company. They should be your best advocate to the providers. 

2. An Agent Who Has Experience

How many years of experience does the agent have working with customers and providers? Are they comfortable and up to date with all of the rapid changes in telecommunications? How do they stay informed with the options and newest technology available? These are important things to ask.

3. A Supplier-neutral Agent

We happen to think the most important thing to look for is a supplier-neutral agent to work with so that you can get the most unbiased opinions and advice on which solutions are right for you. Find an agent who offers truly neutral—but educated—opinions to help your business select the telecom provider with the best services and reliability for you.

4. An Agent that Will Bring Continual Value

It’s important to choose a telecom agent who won’t disappear after the sale. Here are some good questions to ask potential agents: Will they help manage or offer any type of assistance for telecom installs? What type of help is available if and when an outage happens? Will they be proactive in updating you on the latest telecom changes and new options that may affect your business?


There are a lot of telecom agents out there competing for your business. Choosing the right agent is such an important decision. By keeping these suggestions in mind, and asking the right questions early on, you can be confident in making the best choice for your business.