Keeping Your School Network Secure with WiFi Automation

With the ever-growing number of devices being connected to school networks and hybrid e-learning users continuing to rise, it has become more important than ever to have a secure and automated WiFi system.

WiFi automation can help keep your school’s network running smoothly and securely, while freeing up staff time to focus on other important tasks. In this blog post, we will discuss what this system is, how it works, and why schools need it.

What is WiFi Automation?

This is the use of technology to automate the management and security of a wireless network. WiFi automation tools can help you manage your network by automatically detecting and fixing problems, identifying unauthorized devices, and enforcing security policies.

This process is also used to manage large wireless networks with many access points. Automated tools can help you configure, monitor, and troubleshoot your network quickly and easily.

How Does WiFi Automation Work?

Most WiFi automation tools work by using sensors to detect problems or issues with the network. Once an issue is detected, the tool will automatically take action to fix the problem. This can include things like repairing broken connections, resetting devices, or even disabling access to the network for devices that are not authorized.

This is typically used in conjunction with other network management tools, like firewalls and intrusion detection systems. By using these tools together, you can create a more secure and automated network.

In order to install this, you will need to have a network management system in place. This can be an on-premise solution, or you can use a cloud-based service.

Why Do Schools Need WiFi Automation?

Schools need this system because of the ever-growing number of devices that are connecting to their networks. With more and more devices being connected, it becomes more difficult to manage and secure the network.

Schools also need this method for the security of their networks. Automated tools can help enforce security policies and detect unauthorized devices. This helps to keep the network safe from attacks and intrusions.

School district networks must be constantly monitored, and IT teams must have complete visibility into the entire ecosystem 24/7 if the network is to remain optimized and secured with little to no issues affecting students, teachers, and staff. 

What are the Benefits of Wifi Automation?

Some of the benefits of WiFi automation include:

– Reduced network downtime

– Easier management and monitoring of large networks

– Automated enforcement of security policies

– Faster troubleshooting of network issues.

WiFi Automation with ANC Group

To summarize, WiFi automation is a technology that can help you manage and secure your school’s wireless network. By using sensors to detect problems and issues, automated tools can take action to fix the problem quickly and easily. This can save time and money for schools, while also ensuring that the network remains safe and secure.

ANC group is an IT service provider specifically qualified and experienced in helping schools reach their technological goals.

If you are looking for a way to secure your school’s network and automate the management process, then WiFi automation is the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how our tools can help you keep your network running smoothly and securely.