Server Virtualization Technology

At this point, server virtualization as a technology has been around for almost ten years, but there are still people out there that do not see the value of virtualization software. Those workplaces and facilities that have adopted a virtualization network now see it as a necessity because of all the advantages it has brought to their operations.

What Is Server Virtualization Again?

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop, let’s run through a quick definition of server virtualization. It is a technique that involves separating a physical server into a group of small, virtual machines. These separate bits of virtual hardware run several operating systems at the same time. Overall, it is a more efficient way to use the resources at your disposal. Each virtual server acts like a physical server, which heightens the capacity of your actual physical devices.

The Advantages

There are several ways that this type of technology will advance your operations and benefit your business. Let’s run down some of the top advantages:

  1. Saves Money: There are multiple ways that creating a virtual network will cut your costs and make your yearly budgeting easier. First and foremost, you aren’t going to need so much hardware anymore. That reduces your utility bills of running all those private servers in your data center and brings down your operating costs with less regular routine maintenance.
  2. Reduce Server Sprawl: In the past, companies felt like they were forced to over-stock themselves with servers to ensure they would be able to meet future performance demands. This resulted in wasted space in your facility and wasted resources as these extra servers sat there waiting to be called into action. Virtual computer support means that you will be able to use the physical space of your facility more efficiently.
  3. Disaster Recovery: Recovering from a disaster, data loss, or unexpected disruption is a trying time for any business. Any strategy that streamlines your disaster recovery and gets you back on your feet quicker is worth taking a look at. Virtualization is a hardware-independent, that means you can restore backups on almost any hardware that supports your virtual desktop
  4. A Simpler Transition To The Cloud: The cloud and its various platforms are another technology that is just waiting to optimize your operations. Server virtualization will actually make your transition to cloud computing even smoother than it would be otherwise. When you virtualize your information technology, you are getting a head start on moving to a private or public cloud environment. If taking the leap to the cloud is an intimidating venture to you, then server virtualization is an excellent way to take a first step in the right direction.
  5. Extend The Life Cycle Of Older Applications: No matter how hard we try to stay on the cutting edge, there are still many companies that rely on legacy applications. They have become outdated, and there are probably better options out there, but your operations have depended on them for years and getting rid of them would mean a significant overhaul.

    Take things up a level with virtual machines, and you can hang onto these older applications a bit longer. Maintain uptimes on this outdated tech while you make plans to replace it that don’t have to be rushed anymore.

  6. Increase Your Uptime: Speaking of uptime, server virtualization will boost your system’s level of uptime across the board. There are many options out there, but many of them offer live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource sharing.

    All of these features will keep your operations running at a higher capacity for longer periods of time and, if there is ever an unplanned outage, they also help you bounce back more quickly.

  7. Save Energy: This is one cost-effective benefit of virtualization. Without this technology, you’ll have a room full of physical servers creating heat in your facility and requiring more effort to cool everything back down. Get rid of some of those warm bare metal physical servers, and you’ll watch your energy bills drop. Lower your monthly energy bills and help the environment at the same time.

Server virtualization is a technique that offers benefits throughout your entire business. Contact the ANC Group today to find out you can take advantage of this technology to advance your operations across the board.