We Are Entering Storm Season—Does Your School Have a Plan for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

While cyberattacks are a well-documented threat to any database, inclement weather is often overlooked as a threat until it’s too late. As we enter a time of year where many areas across the US face danger from violent storms, tornados, fires, and other severe weather, it’s critical for schools to ensure that appropriate data backup and disaster recovery protocols are in place so that important student data is not lost.

The Risk

More than ever, many schools are relying on new software and unfamiliar data security protocols. With so many changes forced by current circumstances, the risk of a disaster catching us unaware is higher than ever. For schools and students, lost data can have far-reaching consequences. Most students rely on schools to verify grades for job or college applications, and if their records are destroyed, they may face significant, avoidable hurdles.

Perhaps even more critical, severe interruptions to IT infrastructure may cause students to fall behind on class work, extending the school year, delaying graduation, and interrupting carefully planned class schedules. Where much of the homework and tests or quizzes are completed online, a system failure can necessitate re-work or cause delays in a student’s ability to complete the required assignments.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

With so much at stake, it’s critical that schools have a robust strategy for securing important data. But with tight budgets and busy schedules, planning and implementing a worst-case-scenario plan can seem like a daunting undertaking. ANC Group is here to help. Our experienced team knows that your k-12 school has unique needs and we tailor our approach to support your specific requirements. We offer a complete service, reviewing your current data backup and disaster recovery measures, planning updates with your team, and implementing a system that will give you peace of mind that your student and school data is secure.


If you have questions about k-12 school system data backup and disaster recovery, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to make sure your school is protected.