What Are DDoS Attacks And How Can We Prevent Them?

You might be able to pick a phishing email out of a lineup every time or spot a trojan horse program before you ever open the file. In our modern age, more and more people are becoming cognizant of the threats to our security that are constantly floating around. By and large, we are getting better at assessing these hazards once they’ve targeted us. The bad news is that hackers and their methods are stepping up their game as well.

What Is A Distributed Denial Of Service Attack (DDoS)? How Does It Work?

This sort of attack is a bit more complex than your standard virus that sneaks in and disrupts the operations of your systems and network. A DDoS attack specifically targets your performance. First, the hacker uses malware to infect multiple computer systems. From this collection of compromised devices, they will launch an assault on a single piece of equipment like a web application, server, or other network devices.  

The end goal is creating a denial of service for you and other uses. It will send a flood of connection requests, messages, and malformed packets to cause the targeted resource to slow down or even crash completely. This will mean that legitimate users will be unable to get the services they need or want. So, it starts with a more subtle standard attack of malware infection, but spreads into a much larger issue when your employees or customers are refused access to the services they require.  

How Do I Get Effective Distributed Denial Of Service DDoS Attack Protection?Once you are on the receiving end of that second phase of a service DDoS attack it is nearly impossible to stop them from flooding the target. However, there is the possibility of DDoS mitigation if you are prepared before the first phase of infection occurs. The most effective way to avoid an attack like this is to stop all of that network attack traffic before it is created.

DDoS protection begins with stopping the malicious software from ever finding a footing on your systems. The only way to do this consistently is with an effective layered approach to your security services. When you partner with the ANC Group, you will see that we take security seriously and just one precaution is never enough. We believe in comprehensive services that support each other for an infrastructure that won’t be torn down.

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To protect your network and systems, partner with ANC Group today. We are here to make sure that your resources do not become compromised and become part of targeted DDoS attacks.