Why Every Employer Should Be Concerned About Employee Online Activity

We all know security is important. If you ask any employee, they would most likely agree that keeping their company safe is very important. However, while your employees can be your greatest asset in moving your company forward, they can also be your biggest weakness when it comes to cybersecurity.

They are the people receiving and potentially clicking on phishing emails. They’re the ones visiting “not secure” websites on company time and on company property.

So how do you protect your network and keep your employees from these sort of cyber security threats? Here are a few ways we recommend:

Train Employees in Online Best Practices

When it comes to a company’s cybersecurity, it’s important to have employee online activity processes and policy. It’s paramount that you teach and train your employees regarding online safety and security awareness regarding phishing emails, suspicious attachments, unsecure websites, etc. Over 90% of cyber attacks include some sort of phishing or social engineering element involving employees.

While most security tools do a great job of filtering out phishing emails, hackers evolve their tactics daily, and some phishing emails can land in an employee’s inbox. That’s why setting up online activity policies and teaching them how to spot suspect emails and to not click on attachments from unknown senders are simple, yet necessary ways to protect your company from an attack.

Set Up Firewalls

Firewalls provide a heightened control of employee activity by limiting access to certain files on the server for lower level employees, blocking features or functions of certain time-wasting websites, or even blacklisting the whole site. Firewalls are also extremely beneficial for making sure employees are not browsing suspicious, unsecured websites, threatening your company security.

A firewall can do more than just provide security. You can also use a firewall to ensure high speeds on prioritized activities. For example, you can limit the network bandwidth allowed for things like streaming non-work-related websites and activities like videos, music, and images.


If you need help with employee training, setting up a secure network, or to learn more about network security and what the ANC Group can do to help, contact us today.