A Look at The Main Benefits & Features of BrightArrow: A Notification Solution for Education

BrightArrow is a notification solution that allows schools & districts to easily share information with their communities. BrightArrow’s automated notification service is designed to make communication easy for school systems. The notification services include emergency notifications, attendance calls, informational messages, and a variety of other school-related alerts and messages.

Why BrightArrow?

BrightArrow leverages a vast knowledge of K-12 databases and integration with modern communications technologies and software development techniques. The result is a solution where the database integration is seamless, the feature set is deep, and with an interface that is intuitive to use and accessible to computer users of all levels. All of these features are included at the one low price.

The Main Features & Benefits

1. Quickly calls, emails and texts to mass deliver messages to all parents, faculty, staff or any subgroup.
2. Call speed is user-programmable.
3. The system uses tier one phone connections, delivering crisp and clear audio.
4. Unrestricted number of phone numbers and email addresses for each student, faculty and staff member.
5. Authorized users can submit messages either from the web interface, mobile app or by dialing into a toll-free number.
6. The system is accessible from all major web browsers and using our mobile app.
7. The user can choose any combination of voice, email and text messages, social media post, app push notification or website posting and updates.
8. Includes full on-line context sensitive help, as well as a pdf quick reference guide.


BrightArrow is a great choice because it provides a critical, yet cost-effective benefit for school systems that value timely communication as a priority. The combined cost of services is likely much less than what you are paying for each service separately, and it is also E-Rate eligible.

If you’d like to learn how you can save money while utilizing a full-featured, easy-to-use message system and content management system, we’d love to help!

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