Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

Even if you’ve never worked with a managed service provider (MSP) before, you’ve likely heard the term before. MSP offerings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world as technology becomes more integral to the business environment while simultaneously becoming more complicated and nuanced. When assessing your technology needs and considering the possibility of an MSP for your business, the best place to begin is by understanding why companies choose to partner with an MSP in the first place. Here are five key benefits you will experience by choosing an MSP to handle your technology needs.

Fixed Technology Expenses

Most MSP contracts offer comprehensive technology services for one flat fee. That means you can take control of technology expenditures by knowing exactly how much your IT budget will be each month. With an MSP partner, you can use fixed budgeting to more accurately predict expenses and prepare for growth. Economies of scale also enable your MSP to satisfy your technology needs at a lower price point than you’d be able to achieve with an in-house team. An MSP can leverage a broad vendor network to offer the latest in technology for the best value in the industry. With an MSP, you can lower technology expenses at every level – from infrastructure and workstations to the overhead of hiring a complete IT team.

Access to a Team of Experts

With an MSP, you gain immediate access to a team of IT experts who have already been culled and have the proven knowledge it takes to succeed in today’s ever-changing technology landscape. Whether you need the leadership to deploy a new technological initiative or just need a team to oversee your day-to-day technology needs, an MSP solution can provide your business with a group of enterprise-level experts who have the industry insight and diverse skillset to achieve your goals.

Rapid Deployment Timelines

If you’re interested in kicking off a new technology initiative, an MSP partner can streamline your project timelines. An in-house team may require months to write the proprietary code and deploy infrastructure. MSPs, on the other hand, generally have libraries of code readily available that they can customize for your needs. That means project timelines are usually much shorter with an MSP provider.

More Focused Operations

As technology grows increasingly complex and more pivotal to the success of businesses, leveraging and managing technology has become a full-time job. If you want to empower your team with the tools they need to succeed and grow your business, you need to prioritize focus. If you’re spreading your existing team thin by adding technology management to their list of tasks, a managed service offering can absorb that burden, and allow your team to focus on day-to-day operations to ensure your ongoing success.

Straightforward Business Continuity

If your business operations depend on technology day in and day out, you understand how much a critical failure could set you back. Are you doing enough to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of a system failure? If not, an MSP has the hands-on expertise to deploy a business continuity solution that aligns with your operations and ensures your business can stay on track even when unavoidable disasters occur.   Interested in how a holistic MSP solution could simplify your operations, so your team can stay focused on growing your business? [Contact our team] today, and we’ll start exploring the possibilities.