Top MSP Trends Of 2019

Managed service providers (MSPs) always have their hands full. The technology industry is constantly evolving, which means that the market segment for MSPs is growing non-stop. As more and more manufacturers continue to expand their services, the need for managed technical support becomes more evident.

Simply put, MSPs are full-service problem solvers who work tirelessly to keep your infrastructure performing at an optimal level. These experienced professionals are some of the sharpest minds in the IT industry, and they can juggle everything from cloud services and disaster recovery to managed security and beyond.

Choosing to embrace managed services means that you are making a critical decision to help your business gain an edge. Before you sign on the dotted line of a service level agreement, review the contract to make sure you are covered from end to end. You’ll be able to take advantage of the many innovations in the IT industry that will be taking off this year.

Some of 2019’s trends in the MSP sector include:

The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Every day, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform the way business operations function. IoT is a comprehensive bundle of all of our computing equipment, including smart devices, desktops, software, sensors, and more. These connected devices allow employees to access online data more efficiently, which helps streamline communication and collaboration efforts. In addition, your MSP will be responsible for generating useful real-time data by making the best use of connectivity.


More and more companies are virtualizing their infrastructure to ease the server management process. In simple terms, virtualization enables companies to optimize their hardware so they can function as separate machines. This eliminates the need to manage several pieces of machinery, thus narrowing down the list of things to monitor, which in turn helps diminish frustration with the process. MSPs come with a variety of helpdesk features, including remote support, alerts and monitoring, reporting, call management, and more. This can significantly reduce operating costs in the long run.

Cloud Computing

A cloud-based environment is crucial in today’s business world. Companies both large and small are turning to the cloud to store and access applications and data. Moving to the cloud is a very big decision that can help provide flexibility and security to your organization.

Rather than having to purchase expensive equipment, it is much more efficient for businesses to rely on a cloud-based data center, which an MSP will be constantly monitoring. They will be responsible for keeping your data secure, expanding your storage capacity when necessary, and ensuring you have access to all of your most valuable assets.

Enhanced Security

As technology continues to evolve, the threat landscape in the IT industry continues to evolve right along with it. Just because you have a cybersecurity plan in place doesn’t mean you are safe. Firewalls, antivirus software, and disaster recovery solutions are simply not enough. Hackers are always on the prowl and discovering vulnerabilities within your network.

An MSP works diligently to keep threats away from your infrastructure. They are constantly monitoring your network, seeking out emerging threats, and providing extra layers of support so that your servers and networks are protected.  

Let ANC Group Keep You Up To Date On Managed Service Trends

As the momentum continues to build for more managed services, the experts at ANC Group are keeping up with it better than anyone else in the IT industry. Stay on top of these trends and keep your operations running at an optimal level. With us in your corner, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest tools and innovations in modern technology.

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