Benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service

You might feel overly-inundated with information about the cloud and all of the benefits that it offers, but how familiar are you with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)? DaaS solutions allow users to work from a virtual desktop that is supplied through the cloud.

The DaaS model of operating saves money and cuts out many inefficient practices. It can allow software upgrades through a single host console rather than performing it for every piece of equipment individually. A hosted desktop service like this offers many advantages to any business that adopts it. Let’s take a look at some the benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service.

The Benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service

  • Cutting Costs: The first question many people ask when they are faced with a new piece of technology, is “how much is this going to cost me?” The truth is that DaaS will quickly pay for itself with the money you’ll save by not having to pay for new hardware and other capital expenses. You’ll no longer be required to have a local hard disk, and you’ll be using considerably less power. All of these features save you money that will compound over the years.
  • Remove The Risk Of Data Loss: There are many ways that traditional operating systems can lose sensitive data. There are user errors, natural disasters, malicious data breaches, and data theft. With Desktop-as-a-Service solutions, you can rest easy knowing that all of your data services are secure in a remote location. At your data center, there are management services in place to guarantee that your data is safe from loss or theft.
  • Mobility: This is one of the primary advantages of most cloud services. Your hosted cloud desktop will be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection through a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This feature gives your business advanced mobility to work from anywhere, anytime. You’ll have a whole new set of tools at your disposal, like mobile devices, tablets, and home computer, all with access to your desktop and applications.
  • Reduce Long-Term Expenses: We already talked about some cost-effective features of Desktop-as-a-Service, but there are even more when you think about the future. Typically, every business has to plan for a routine cycle of investment in new hardware, servers, and software. You can replace that line of thinking with DaaS. This managed desktop service normally comes with a subscription model that guarantees your access to new advancements as they become available. You’ll be able to reliably budget for the future with more resources in your toolbox.
  • Improved Security: When you shift your applications and data to Desk-as-a-Service, you are lifting the responsibility of security off your shoulders, and onto your cloud computing service provider. You’ll enjoy your improved user experience knowing that your sensitive information is secure in a professionally maintained environment, with features like encryption and multi-factor authentication protocols.
  • Stability: Desktop-as-a-Service is provided as a fixed monthly subscription service. This kind of reliability will give you budget predictability and business stability. We all want rapidly growing businesses, but stable business practices are even more critical.
  • Greater Flexibility: Whether you are working with a private or public cloud provider, DaaS allows your technology to better fit your company’s objectives and goals. Many companies will spend money on all kinds of resources during times of peak performance. Then, when the needs of their drop back down, they find themselves with more equipment than they need.This is a wasteful and inefficient way to manage resources. Desktop-as-a-Service allows you to scale your services up or down as your needs dictate. This means you are only paying for what you and use and not being wasteful with resources or capital.
  • Enhanced Business Continuity: Every business must take precautions to prepare for the worst with disaster recovery strategies and business continuity planning. DaaS empowers your business to make this process even easier because it can be incorporated in your strategies and planning.There will be a centralized and remote backup of your data that is already being maintained by experts. Add that to the mobility DaaS offers, and your business will be equipped to bounce back quickly from any disaster you might face.
  • Better For The Environment: Desktop-as-a-Service means you will have a reduced need for new equipment. It will extend the life of your current hardware and create a more flexible working environment. All of these features will reduce your carbon footprint and be a positive improvement for the environment. You get cost-savings and a greener profile all at once.
  • Improved Productivity: There is research that indicates cloud solutions like DaaS can increase productivity by up to 20%. All of this comes from the advantages listed above; like greater flexibility, enhanced mobility, and consistent uptime in your system’s performance.
  • Creative Collaboration: Teamwork and collaboration are the greatest resources at your disposal as a business. When you find ways for your people to dynamically work together, you will see all new paths of success emerge. DaaS is one of the ways that the ANC Group can equip your business for a brighter future. This service gives you the environment and tools to build your own success. Improved collaboration is how you create the kind of ideas that no one can come up with on their own.


Desktop-as-a-Service is a cost-effective IT solution that offers many different advantages that are just waiting to be capitalized on. When you shift your desktop and applications to the virtual cloud environment, you’ll start to see all of the benefits that we talked about here. Contact the ANC Group today to find out how we can implement DaaS in your workplace today.