How ANC Group Produced IT Solutions in an Educational Environment

ANC Group and Lakes and Bridges Charter School 

As one of the leading IT providers for charter schools, ANC Group is passionate about harnessing technology to facilitate better learning. ANC Group had the opportunity to do just that with the local Lakes and Bridges Charter School, an educational institution designed to help dyslexic students thrive in an environment that caters to their individual needs. 

Founded in August 2018, Lakes and Bridges opened its doors to dyslexic students whose particular learning styles and needs were unmet in the public schooling system. The school’s vision is to “demonstrate that students with dyslexia and related language-based learning challenges can discover and use their unique abilities to acquire the skills and self-confidence needed to achieve extraordinary academic, career and personal achievements.”

The school’s Technology Director, Marie Moon, connected with Billy from ANC Group through a referral. From there, a tight-knit partnership blossomed, and we’ll tell you all about why Marie enjoys working with ANC Group. 

How Did ANC Group Help?

ANC Group and Lakes and Bridges Charter School came together to solve a plethora of unique educational technology issues that would bolster the school and facilitate strategic growth. Some of the challenges they worked through together include networking issues, expansion, data collection, and cybersecurity concerns. 

Producing IT solutions in an educational environment is particularly challenging because there are constant demands on the IT infrastructure and various regulations to consider. Unfortunately, many schools have inadequate IT solutions to support the level of learning they desperately require, including up-to-date cybersecurity solutions to protect the institution and its students. 

While ANC Group is exceptionally qualified to work in educational institutions and boasts several years of experience in the tech sector, Marie was primarily impressed with their customer service. She said, “I have yet to have a phone call, text message or service desk ticket not be answered within 24 hours.”

Marie was initially interested in ANC Group because it was a local South Carolina IT company, but the responsiveness of their team is what solidified the partnership. 

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At ANC Group, there is nothing more important to us than the success of our local businesses and schools. We care deeply about the success of our community. 

If you’re looking for an IT partner that understands your local needs and can help you grow with innovative technology solutions, contact ANC Group today! We would love to learn more about your business!