E-Rate Season – The Benefits of CAT-6A For K-12 School Systems

With technology advances in education comes an increasing demand for higher network capability and speed. To meet these demands, new cables and components are required for faster transfer speeds over longer distances. CAT-6A ethernet cable is a great option to meet the demands of these advances. Did you know that CAT-6A is also E-Rate eligible? It’s true.

What is CAT6A?

Augmented CAT-6 (Or CAT-6A) is a network ethernet cable that’s capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz. The components of CAT-6A are used in Class EA networks as defined in ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568.

CAT-6A has additional and tighter twists, and it also boasts more insulation, which reduces cross talk. And it is quickly becoming the most cost effective solution in Education.

Why Choose CAT-6A for K-12 Environments?

According to TIA-4966, Category 6A is recommended for new installations in educational facilities based on the need for high-performance infrastructure required for wired and wireless connectivity.

Is CAT-6A Really Necessary For Your School?

Here are a few important questions to ask when deciding whether or not to install CAT-6A ethernet cables:

1. Does your system currently support 10 gbps?
2. Is it possible that your system would require 10 gbps in the future?
3. Do you have a high install cost due to your structure?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, CAT-6A may be the best choice for your school or school system.

If you have any questions about whether this is the best option for your school or school system, one of our experts can help you figure out exactly what plan is best for your school and your budget. Contact us today!