How to Protect Your Data & Support Remote Workers In An Increasingly WFH World

With the huge shift in work environment brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, a majority of companies had to pivot, and quickly. And while many people found themselves working from home or even out of work, cybercriminals began working overtime.

What Is The Risk?

1. Increased Cyber Attacks – Calvin A. Shivers, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division states they saw a dramatic increase in the number of cyberattack reports in 2020. “[By] May 28, 2020, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received nearly the same amount of complaints in 2020 (about 320,000) as they had for the entirety of 2019 (about 400,000),” he said.

2. Remote Employee Online Activity – The combination of increased cyber attacks and the amount of employees working from home, sometimes on their own personal devices, companies are now at a much higher risk. And unfortunately, most of these “WFH” employees are not well-informed about the nature of the threat and how to prevent it. That’s why it’s important to increase your vigilance, tighten cybersecurity, and train your employees in online activity and best practices.

What Is The Remedy?

Data security has always been a top priority, in fact it’s usually the first IT service purchase for many companies. However, with the rapid move to cloud environments to support the extensive (and growing) remote workforce, along with the rise of emerging technology platforms like hybrid cloud, data security is more important than ever.

In 2021, with many companies remaining remote for the time being or indefinitely, it’s of the utmost important to have a professional IT team assess your system for vulnerabilities to avoid security breaches, cost overruns, or lost data.

Moving forward, companies will need the ability to both accurately and confidently locate, manage, and secure their company’s data across the cloud.


Our team at ANC Group can help with both network and cost assessments to help determine where you can make improvements. We can set your team up with a secure network, so you can rest assured knowing who has access to what data and exactly where that data resides in order to give proper access to your remote workers.