How Technology Is Helping Decrease Vaping in Schools

Vaping and physical threats in schools are becoming an increasingly prevalent problem across the United States. In fact, vaping and shootings at schools have reached epidemic levels in recent years. This is why it’s more important than ever to have technology in place that can help mitigate the risks associated with the dangers that youth face. At ANC Group, we have experience and various technologies to help protect schools from the dangers of vaping. In this blog post, we will talk about vaping in schools, the capabilities of the Halo Smart Sensor, and how your educational institution can protect its staff and students.

The Threat of Vaping in Schools

Vaping has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with many teens and youth turning to nicotine as an alternative to smoking or other drug use. However, the nicotine from vaping is still incredibly dangerous, especially for adolescents whose brains are still developing. 

A startling 1 million U.S. teens admit to vaping every single day, with millions more vaping with varying regularity. Studies show that vaping during teenage years can lead to a decrease in brain development and the increased risk of addiction later in life.

Tech To Keep Kids Safe: The Halo Smart Sensor

The Halo Smart Sensor is a threat detection device that can be installed in schools. It is specifically designed to detect vaping, but has a variety of capabilities that keep students and staff safe from threats of all kinds.

A few features of the Halo Smart Sensor include:

  1. Vaping sensors: This technology can detect the vapor emitted from vaping products and send alerts to your administration with relevant information about the incident, including the exact location. The system can also be programmed to turn on cameras and other separate recording equipment when it senses these dangers so that the administration can have a full picture of the situation.
  2. CO2 & Toxic Threats: The Halo Smart Sensor also detects other harmful gasses that can threaten those in your buildings. These include everything from CO2 to toxic fumes from science labs.
  3. Keyword Protection: These smart sensors also detect keywords like “help” and “shooter”. When the technology registers these and other key phrases, it triggers an automatic alert to authorities of the potential danger.
  4. Panic Buttons: Halo technology also includes panic buttons for teachers to press in the event of an emergency that alerts local police and administrative authorities in case of a shooting, bomb, or other threat to the school.
  5. TikTok Threats: Social media challenges have increasingly put students in danger while their peers engage in risky behavior to follow a TikTok trend. These sensors can detect specific threats towards students, staff, or school property that arise from social media vaping and destruction “challenges”.

Choose ANC To Protect Your School

The Halo Smart Sensor is just one of the technologies that ANC Group uses to keep schools safe. When you partner with us, you can be sure that you’re doing all you can to protect the lives in your educational facility. Our company is experienced in working with a variety of schools, so we know the specific physical, social, and cyber threats your organization faces on a daily basis.

We want to help you protect your students and staff by implementing the latest technology that can sense and detect threats before they become tragedies. To learn more about how ANC’s technology can help your school decrease vaping and violence, reach out to a representative today.