How to Wisely Spend Your Remaining K-12 Budget By The End of This Fiscal Year

As we near the end of the K-12 2019-2020 fiscal year (June 30), many of you are looking to allocate remaining resources to complete projects prior to the new year Budget Rollover. If you find yourself with remaining funds in your budget, there are plenty of projects for you to choose that could greatly benefit your students and your school system. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Some of our clients have told us they had projects or equipment needs they were planning to tackle over Spring Break and just weren’t able to accomplish them due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you find yourself in a similar situation due to Covid-19 or any other reason, we’d love to help.

At ANC Group, we are experienced in helping K-12 Schools and School Districts discover and prioritize special projects.

Here are some projects you should consider using your leftover budget to accomplish:

1. Support with Distance Learning Solutions
2. Enhancement/Replacement of Network Infrastructure
3. Assistance with outstanding network issues or projects.
4. PC Deployment/Reimaging
5. Other items not mentioned here

As always, ANC Group is here as your partner to assist with these services and more. Contact us today with any questions you may have about special projects for your school or school system! We’re here to help.