IT Risk Assessment

If you want your car to maintain performance, you get it checked out by a mechanic. If you want to make the best decisions about your money, you seek out a financial advisor. The same philosophy extends to your information technology and strategic business decisions. To get the big picture and make the best decisions for the future of your business, you need an outside perspective from an expert.

Why Should I Get An IT Assessment?

The technology and network that supports your daily operations require routine support and upkeep to maintain proper performance. Information technology, in general, is service that benefits from long-term cost-effective planning and identifying risks before they become threats. The business processes your technology supports are like a constantly running engine. That engine needs to be maintained with expert support.

The Benefits of IT Assessment

IT assessments are not just about recommending the best hardware or picking out antivirus software. An experienced service provider will offer advice on industry best practices and help you build a strategy for the future. Let’s look at some of the ways an IT assessment will help your business:

  • Spotting Vulnerabilities: Is there anything more crucial than the safety of your sensitive information and the data of your customers? You and your customers deserve to be protected by a professional security risk assessment. This targeted approach will seek out information security risk points and provide lessons on high-risk behavior on your network.
  • Establish Security Requirements: The best part of the risk assessment process is the actionable intelligence that you can gather throughout the procedure. You can use this information to construct new security policies and address network risks. A network risk assessment is just as important as every other part of your systems. It is how you relate to your coworkers and your customers all in one place.
  • Set A Baseline Of Performance: Without appropriate measurement tools, how do you know if you are successful? An assessment will help you establish a baseline of performance that you can always look to as the standard. If things drop below that line, then you’ll know there are issues that need to be resolved. Just by setting a baseline of performance, you can have an early warning for security breaches or inefficient processes.
  • Get To Know Your Inventory: Do you know every piece of technology that you have? What does it do? What it could do? Is it the best option for what you are using it for? A network assessment will help you get a better handle on your inventory of hardware and all the assets at your disposal. There might be some simple changes you could make that would cost little and transform your operations.
  • Better Budget Planning: When you are working on building your nest budget, you need relevant information to justify the spending you are planning on. A risk assessment will help you understand the possible consequences you could be facing if you don’t take the appropriate precautions. You can weigh the benefits of building new security controls against the risk of the hazards that you become victim to. A documented risk assessment from a professional service provider, like ANC Group, will give your arguments weight if you ever have to validate spending later on, as well.
  • Employee Education: One of the most significant risks that every company faces is employee error. There are often innocent mistakes made just because your workforce wasn’t properly educated in the safest practices and cautious business operations. Managing systemic problems like this is one of the best applications for an IT risk assessment.
  • Boost Performance: A comprehensive IT assessment from ANC Group will spot all of the opportunities that your business is missing out on improving efficiency. It is likely that there are bottleneck situations where the number of users in a peak demand time is causing a drop in performance or even disruptions in service. We can make recommendations for ways to work around these times of peak demand and improve your overall performance.
  • Long-Term Planning: As we said before, information technology is a field that benefits from a long-term plan with target objectives and a detailed timeline of goals to get there. Even if you already have an in-house IT department, you can benefit from an outside perspective when it comes to planning things like your disaster recovery, business continuity, or future objectives.The ANC Group can also make recommendations for transitions to technology like server virtualization or the cloud. When you are shaping your data center strategy, you are going to want the advice of an industry expert.
  • Bolster Morale: Just the fact that you are having a risk assessment conducted will often light a motivational fire under your workforce. They will see that you are taking action to make sure that your business is performing at its best and they will feel encouraged to do the same in their own day-to-day work. Combine that with an improved education from the assessment results, and you have a fully equipped and motivated workforce prepared to work harder and smarter than ever before.


These are just a handful of the benefits of an IT assessment from a professional service provider like the ANC Group. This relatively simple service can revolutionize the way your business runs and set you up for a brighter future. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and find out all the ways you can improve your performance.