10 Tips for Choosing an IT Support Provider in Asheville

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Everyone in Asheville knows that it’s bursting at the seams—the city grew over 13% between 2010 and 2020. And who wouldn’t want to come to Asheville? At the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and with a culture of art, music, and food, it’s no wonder the city is a popular destination.

With all that growth comes big potential for small businesses to succeed. But with it also comes a host of technological challenges—from finding reliable internet service to setting up secure networks and managed IT services. 

That’s why choosing an IT support provider in Asheville is essential for any business seeking growth, efficiency, and scale.

Here are 10 tips for selecting an IT company to support your business:

1. Scalable Services

As a business owner, you want to see consistent growth. But as you add new employees or need more advanced tools, your IT provider will need to keep up. Look for an IT company that offers services that scale with your business—from initial setup to the latest managed services.

When considering a specific company, ask them about their capacity and how they plan to adjust their services as your business grows.

2. “Over” Communication

Today, technology is the backbone of every business. When it comes to something of that importance, you want someone who will communicate with you often. The best IT companies will be in constant communication with their clients and provide regular updates and advice.

Make sure to ask every IT support provider how and how often they will keep you informed on project progress or any issues that may arise. And be clear on the best way to communicate: is it by phone, email, or an internal system? Be sure it works for you.

3. Emphasis on Security

The worldwide annual cost of cyberattacks was $3 trillion in 2015 and will reach $10.5 trillion in 2025. With 43% of cyberattacks focused on small businesses, it’s critical to find a reliable IT company that is committed to your security.

Before hiring an IT provider, ask them about the strategies and tools they will use to protect your data and network. Additionally, talk to them about incident response and steps they’ll take in case of a data breach.

4. Expertise in Your Industry

If you’re a retail store, you’ll have different IT needs than the law firm across the street. Look for an IT provider that specializes in your specific industry and understands the challenges you’re facing—from online payments to HIPAA compliance.

Research each company to make sure they have experience working with businesses of your type. The right provider will be well-equipped to handle any issues that arise within your industry.

5. Services That Fit Your Budget

With the many services a provider offers, you want to make sure it aligns with your bottom line. Investing in an IT support provider in Asheville might seem like a large expense, but the costs of not having proper IT support will be much higher—breaches in data or compliance can cost a business millions of dollars.

When you speak with each provider, ask about cost structures and how their services will benefit your business in the long run. Most business owners see immediate cost savings because a key benefit of working with an IT provider is that you usually pay a flat rate, instead of fixing problems as they come along.

6. Qualifications and Certifications

Every IT provider in Asheville will have different certifications, qualifications, and expertise. Before making a decision, ask the company to provide you with proof of their credentials. That way, you can make sure that the team is qualified to handle any IT-related issue specific to your industry.

You should also research each provider’s customer reviews and check out their portfolio of past projects. Researching these indicators will give you an idea of their reputation and quality of work.

7. Response and Ticket Fulfillment Times

When it comes to IT support, speed is key. You want to work with an IT support provider in Asheville that will respond to your questions and requests quickly. Before signing on the dotted line, ask each provider about their response times and ticket fulfillment procedures.

The best providers will set up a system for tracking tickets so you can get status updates on each request. This will help you stay informed and ensure that all of your IT needs are taken care of right when you need them.

8. Experience with Businesses in Your Area

When it comes to finding the right IT provider for your business, there’s nothing better than experience. Working with a team that is knowledgeable about local businesses in Asheville can help you find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Look for an IT company with years of experience supporting companies similar to yours and that they’ve built lasting relationships with businesses in the area. This will ensure that your provider is up-to-date on all the latest trends and best practices for IT support in Asheville.

9. Detailed, Documented Onboarding Process

Do you know what to expect after sending them your first payment? Make sure that you sit down with each IT support provider in Asheville and discuss their onboarding process in detail. 

It should involve a clear timeline for getting your business up and running, as well as any training materials or documents they will provide to help you use their services successfully.

10. Resources to Support the Size of Your Business

One size does not fit all. Your business will have unique needs, and the right provider should be able to scale with your growth.

Look for an Asheville-based IT provider that can provide you with the resources and personnel necessary to support your business as it grows. Ask about their hiring process, employee training, and workflow management to make sure they have the capacity to handle any influx of IT needs.

Finding the right IT support provider in Asheville is key to keeping your business running smoothly. Make sure you do your research, ask plenty of questions, and take time to consider all of your options before making a decision. 

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