How to Encourage Digital Transformation Without Putting Your Data at Risk

Example of digital transformation where a man using technology to present to colleagues

If you were a business owner during COVID-19, you had to work through challenges that no other generation has faced before. Customers expected more from you, even as you were trying to figure out shifts to remote work, digital communication, and more.

McKinsey and Company, a management consulting firm, talked to 900 business leaders and found that the companies had to accelerate the digitization of their customer service, supply chain, and internal operations by three to four years. Almost all the companies said they’d put some sort of temporary solutions in place as they tried to keep up with the changes.

And while businesses did the best they could, the right digital transformation requires more than just an emergency shift. It’s a long-term IT strategy that requires careful planning and understanding of the risks that come with it. If you had to put together some sort of makeshift security solutions, your data may be at risk. Here’s what you can do about it.

How Has Rapid Digital Transformation Put You at Risk for Cyberattacks?

1. There Are Holes in Your Roof

If your roof starts leaking in the middle of a lightning storm, you may put a bucket under it and hope for the best. You’re not likely to climb onto your roof and fix it right then or call a professional roofer to come out in the middle of the storm.

In much the same way, businesses had to make do with what they had when it came to digital transformation during COVID-19, leading them to create quick fixes that may leave their data vulnerable. If the rain stops and you forget to fix the leak, what will happen when the next storm comes? And what little critters will find their way into your roof without proper repairs?

2. You Left Yourself Open for Attacks

Cybercriminals look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system, just like animals looking for cracks or holes in the roof. As soon as you create a makeshift data solution, you may be leaving yourself open to hackers who are more than happy to exploit any weaknesses they can find. 

During the pandemic, 1 in 7 respondents to a survey done in Switzerland said they were the victim of a cyberattack. They had weaknesses and were quickly exploited. Don’t let that be you.

3. You Have Makeshift Solutions

Challenges with remote work are a perfect example of makeshift solutions. There was no choice about employees working from home—it just happened. And without thinking too much about it, maybe your employees would work from the park near their house when they needed a change of pace.

But if they’re connecting to public Wi-Fi and don’t have any sort of advanced cybersecurity on their device, they are putting the company’s data at risk. Unsecured public Wi-Fi is a favorite of cybercriminals who can use it to gain access to data without being noticed.

How Can You Promote Digital Transformation While Protecting Your Data?

When it comes to promoting digital transformation while protecting your data, there are two key factors to consider: security and access.


First, data must be properly secured against cybercriminals by having strong passwords, regularly updated software, and advanced cybersecurity solutions. If someone does gain access to your system, it should be caught quickly so the damage can be minimized.


Second, you need to make sure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. This means that you need to create access control policies that clearly define who can view, edit, and delete data.

The Quickest Fix to Your Security Holes: Managed IT Services

The easiest way to access all the tools that will protect your data and make your business more productive is through managed IT services. Without having to pay for an in-house team or upper-level management, you gain access to IT experts who will create a strategy for your digital transformation and help you implement it.

Instead of leaving holes in your security for cybercriminals to get through, you can have comprehensive solutions in place that ensure your data is safe.

Simplify Your Digital Transformation with ANC Group

To stay competitive and meet customer demands, your technology has to be working for you and not against you. ANC Group can help you take advantage of the increased productivity that comes from digital transformation.

Get access to 24/7 network monitoring, advanced cybersecurity solutions, and a team of experts who can help you protect your data while promoting digital transformation. Schedule a consultation to fix the holes in your security and implement better digital tools.