Secure Email Is a Must for Law Firms—Here’s How Firms Can Prevent Business Email Compromise

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Why is business email security important? 347.3 billion emails are sent and received per day, and about half of those are spam. In 2020 alone, business email compromise cost U.S. businesses more than $26 billion. You know what your email inbox is like—you’re most likely getting emails from lists you don’t even remember signing up for.

Your email is a hot commodity on the Dark Web—not because it’s expensive (most can be found for free)—but because they give a hacker personal access to you. And as a member of the law firm industry, you’re a prime target for cybercrime.

Here’s a deeper look into email compromise and how to avoid data breaches through better business email security.

What Is Business Email Compromise?

Business email compromise is an attack in which a hacker gains access to the victim’s email account and uses it maliciously. Examples of malicious activities include:

  • Sending emails with malware embeds or attachments with malicious links to steal data, credentials, and other sensitive information
  • Spoofing legitimate emails from colleagues or executives to steal funds or credentials
  • Sending fake invoices with links to malicious sites or attachments that contain malware

These attacks can be extremely difficult to detect; the emails may appear perfectly legitimate and are often difficult to differentiate from real emails. With the amount of personal information available online, hackers have become experts at social engineering.

How Have Hackers Become Experts at Crafting the Perfect, Inconspicuous Email?

A quick look at your employee’s social media can tell the hacker where the employee went to school, what kinds of businesses they support, and who else at the company they are connected with. 

This kind of information can give the hacker enough personal detail to make their emails look legitimate, making it even more difficult to tell a real email from a fraudulent one. And, law firms are prime targets for compromises in business email security.

Are Law Firms an Important Target for Cybercriminals? Why?

Law firms are privy to some of the most private information on “the market.” The finance industry or hospitals may have one set of sensitive information, but as a law firm, you might be storing all of that information in one place—a cybercriminal’s dream jackpot. For this reason, cybersecurity has risen to be the number one concern for law firms. 

As digital records become more prevalent and technology evolves, hackers have more opportunities to access that information without detection. Furthermore, many law firms don’t prioritize cybersecurity as much as they should, leaving them open to attack.

ANC Group’s Solutions for Better Business Email Security: Stopping Hackers from Reaching Their Targets

The first step to avoiding business email compromise is by stopping hackers from ever reaching you and your employees. Solutions such as attachment flagging, encryption, and software updates are critical parts of business email security.

Our security solutions are designed to protect the entire communications chain—email, attachments, and all other related information. We detect and analyze communication patterns to identify malicious activity before it reaches your employees or customers. And with our 24/7 support team, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Build Customer Trust With Better Email Security

For business email security, trust ANC Group. After 20 years of partnering with law firms, we understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and developing better cybersecurity practices.

Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and top-notch customer service are what set us apart from other cybersecurity teams. From email scanning to automated software updates, ANC Group has you covered. Contact our team today to fix the gaps in your law firm’s business email security.