Improve Communication in Your School Using Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

School secretary using unified communications as a service

Successful learning involves so much more than the teacher-student relationship—it requires a working relationship with parents, administrators, and other staff. But emailing or sending notes home to parents isn’t cutting it anymore. 

There’s a better way to build your relationship with your students’ families and the faculty: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

UCaaS is an all-in-one communication system that connects everyone in the school community. It combines voice, messaging, and video conferencing tools into one platform for easy collaboration and communication. Here’s what using UCaaS would do for your institution.

What Would Unified Communications as a Service Look Like for Your School? The Day-to-Day Using UCaaS

On average, teachers spend 10 hours a week communicating with parents and students, doing admin tasks, and collaborating with colleagues.

They might send multiple emails to parents and students, organize video calls with staff and faculty, send messages to administrators, and hop on quick phone calls. With unified communications as a service, all of these tasks can be handled in one platform.

UCaaS also makes it easier for teachers to stay in touch with parents. They can quickly message them if there are any updates or questions, or schedule video calls to check in.

For younger students, some teachers may save parents’ phone numbers and use their own cell phones to send text updates because it’s faster and more convenient. Instead of using personal devices to hold parents’ phone numbers or emails, they could use the UCaaS platform anywhere and anytime.

What Problems Is Unified Communications as a Service Solving for Schools?

UCaaS is making communication more efficient and effective for schools. By streamlining the process, it allows teachers to send messages more quickly, stay more organized, and save time. The schools we’ve worked with shared that unified communications as a service has solved four main concerns for them:

1. Boosting Parent Engagement

Unified communications as a service make it easier for parents to get updates and stay connected with their students, staff, and faculty. It also helps teachers by providing a single platform to communicate with them. As an educator, you’re well aware of the impact of parent involvement on learning.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the studies showing that parent engagement leads to better grades, improved social skills, and a lifelong love of learning. UCaaS simplifies your communication with parents and takes away that barrier that often stands in the way of engagement.

2. Enhancing Collaboration

UCaaS can help facilitate collaboration between faculty and staff members. The platform makes it easier to organize virtual meetings and share documents in real time, which can help break down communication barriers between teams.

3. Improving Security

Unified communications as a service provides the latest security measures to keep data protected from unauthorized access. This allows schools to rest assured that their communication is secure and protected against potential threats.

4. Improving Productivity

Finally, UCaaS can help streamline the communication process, allowing teachers and administrators to focus their time and energy on other tasks. By reducing the amount of manual work needed for communication, schools can save valuable resources and increase overall productivity.

UCaaS Makes Communication Easier

UCaaS is designed to make your life as a teacher or administrator easier—it’s no lie that working in education is one of the most demanding industries out there. 

But with UCaaS, you no longer have to worry about managing multiple communication platforms or struggling to reach parents and staff members. Everything is streamlined into one platform that’s easy to use and understand.

Spend More Time Teaching and Less Emailing with ANC Group

At ANC Group, we provide unified communications as a service that is designed with education in mind. Our platform takes the hassle out of communication so you can focus on what you do best: teaching! 

We understand how important it is to have reliable communication, and our UCaaS offers the latest security measures to keep your data safe.

Schedule a consultation to learn about the success stories of institutions like yours and how we can help simplify your communication.