What You Need To Know About K-12 Disaster Recovery

There has been a lot of discussion in the last year about Disaster Recovery Plans. Long a part of nearly every major business, we have begun to see the necessity for such planning in small business, non-profits, and even K-12 schools. But there is still a lot of confusion as to what these plans entail, why they are necessary, and how exactly to begin crafting one.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery in its simplest terms is the plan you have in place for the specific procedures and technology that will keep your school operational in case of a disaster, whether natural or man-made. It refers to a plan set in place detailing the individuals responsible for taking required actions, what their responsibilities are, and how operations will proceed. For instance, if a critical website crashes, a disaster recovery plan will identify who needs to be contacted, and what steps they will take to determine the problem and ultimately get the site back online.

Why Should I Prepare?

The unfortunate reality is that disaster will strike. It is not a matter of if, but when. From cyber-attacks to severe weather or natural disasters, we have a virtual guarantee that at some point in time an unforeseen catastrophe will occur. And for those in leadership, it follows that we have a responsibility to prepare for it. Even if the event doesn’t happen during your tenure in charge, leaving a legacy of preparedness helps to ensure your K-12 school is ready when the time comes.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re concerned about your school’s disaster preparedness, we can help! We have a number of resources to help you understand the risk and form your disaster recovery team. And when you’re ready to get started, our team is ready to help and has the expertise necessary to help you formulate a customized plan.

From conducting a preliminary assessment all the way to designing, implementing, and testing a disaster recovery strategy, ANC Group is here to support your K-12 school.