Your School Is Overdue for a Network Security Audit

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Gone are the days of chalk and blackboards, where the only security concern might have been the occasional student prank. Times have changed. In today’s digital age, schools are becoming a hotspot for cyberattacks. If you can’t recall the last time your educational institution had a network security audit, it’s time to get one on the schedule.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Network Security?

Network security isn’t just about keeping out prying eyes. It’s about protecting student records, safeguarding academic materials, and ensuring that educational processes remain uninterrupted. In a connected world, information is power—and our schools house an abundance of information.

While businesses usually make headlines for breaches, educational institutions are often the forgotten victims of cyber warfare. Since 2005, more than 32 million student records have been breached through cyberattacks. And in the last few years, the education sector has quickly become the prime target for hacking.

The Risks of Neglecting Network Security

Beyond the immediate threat of data theft, there’s the looming risk of violating data privacy regulations like FERPA. Non-compliance doesn’t just threaten a school’s reputation—it can lead to severe penalties. If a school is found to be non-compliant with FERPA, their federal funding can be pulled.

After Minneapolis Public Schools refused to pay a $1 million ransom, more than 30,000 student records were shared online by a ransomware gang. The records included everything from truancy reports to sexual assault case files. The results were devastating for students, parents, and administrators.

It’s important to note that any institution with a network connection is vulnerable to attacks from malicious actors. Everything from student records, email accounts, and even surveillance cameras can be accessed through basic hacking techniques like phishing or malware injection.

How Does Network Security Keep Education Institutions Safe?

Network security should have a multi-layered approach with various security strategies. Some of those include:

  • Firewalls – The first line of defense that ensures malicious traffic doesn’t enter.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems – The vigilant watchmen, ever alert for signs of security breaches.
  • Encryption – If data is intercepted, it remains indecipherable by those without the right key.
  • Access Controls – Determines who has access to what. Only the right eyes see sensitive information.

While technology is paramount, let’s not forget the human element. Comprehensive security awareness training is crucial for both students and staff. With the FBI even issuing a PSA urging schools to up their network security game, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Key Components of a Network Security Audit

Before you start implementing security measures, you have to know where to start. A network security audit will test your defenses and give you a better idea of where you need to strengthen your cybersecurity. An audit will look a bit like this:

  1. Network Infrastructure Assessment: Dives deep into the architecture. Evaluates every nook and cranny, from routers to access points.
  2. Access Controls and Data Security: Scrutinizes user access, authentication, and encryption standards.
  3. Network Defense Measures: How robust are the firewalls? Are the intrusion detection systems up-to-date?
  4. Vulnerability Management: Identifies weak points and examines the patch management protocols.
  5. Security Policies and Compliance: Are the policies current? Do they align with regional and national regulations?
  6. Incident Response and Monitoring: In case of breaches, how swiftly and efficiently can the school respond?
  7. Physical and User Security: Beyond cyber, how secure is the physical infrastructure? How effective are user awareness programs?

Finding the Right Professional Network Security Audit Team

While internal checks are vital, it’s equally crucial to get an external perspective. An IT security team can provide you with an unbiased view and help you identify potential security flaws.

In a world interwoven with technology, ensuring the security of our educational institutions’ digital infrastructure is paramount. So, when was your last network security audit? If you’re having a hard time remembering, it’s probably time to pick up the phone and call in the experts. The safety of your students and staff might just depend on it.

Set Up a Network Security Audit with ANC Group

At ANC Group, we understand the importance of digital security and are dedicated to helping educational institutions bolster their defenses. We offer a comprehensive network security audit and partnerships with industry-leading brands that will identify any potential weaknesses quickly. 

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