Your School Safety Policy Should Include Proactive Technology Solutions: Here’s Why

School safety is a priority for students and faculty alike. A safe and secure learning environment is essential for students to be able to focus on their education and learn. Furthermore, staff needs to feel safe in order to provide a positive educational experience for students. In order to achieve this, a strong school safety policy needs to be implemented.

In the 2020-2021 school year, there were a total of 93 school shootings reported across the US. One way to ensure that a school safety policy is adequate is by including proactive technology solutions. These solutions can effectively detect and prevent threats before they occur, and are being adopted by schools. For example, about 25% of schools in populated school districts are implementing metal detectors to keep weapons away from schools.

Proactive technology solutions are an important part of any school safety policy. They can help keep schools safe for students and staff while also enabling schools to quickly respond to any threats that may occur.

What is a School Safety Policy and How Does it Work?

A school safety policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that are put in place to promote the safety of students and staff. It typically includes protocols for how to deal with emergencies, such as fires or lockdowns. It may also include measures for preventing emergencies from happening in the first place, such as security cameras and sensors.

A safety policy is typically made up of a number of different components, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency response plans
  • Security measures and tools
  • Procedures for dealing with threats or violence
  • Staff training on how to respond to emergencies

The plan works by carrying out the above plan elements. School safety policies help create a culture of safety in schools. Everyone should be aware of the importance of safety and work together to keep the school safe.

Specific Technology Solutions to Improve School Security

It’s useful to know the specific technological solutions and resources available for protecting students and staff at school not only to provide peace of mind but also to understand how to use and access the resources. We’ll discuss a few of them we’ve included in the “Solutions to Keep Schools Safe from Physical Threats” graphic:

  • ID Card Readers – Help to keep track of students and staff who are at the school and prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the premises.
  • Smart Sensors – These sensors are able to detect toxins and chemicals, as well as emergency keywords, and alert administrators about the problem, and start recording video footage.
  • Panic Buttons – Panic buttons can be placed in different rooms throughout the school to be pressed in case of an emergency situation. They alert administrators immediately that there is a problem in the exact location specified by the device.
  • Identimetrics – This tool uses fingerprints to give live feedback, and is especially helpful when utilized at check-in points to notify administration and parents that students and staff are safe and accounted for.

ANC Group Can Keep Your Schools Prepared and Protected

Ensuring that schools are safe is essential in order to provide a positive educational experience for everyone. Fortunately, there are many solutions available to help keep them safe by detecting and preventing threats before they occur. ANC Group is prepared to help your school implement these solutions and create a safe environment.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to make sure your school safety policy is effective and comprehensive. If you’re a school in North or South Carolina or Georgia that needs assistance with technology, reach out to us today so we can perform a free evaluation of your systems and get you the resources and support you need.