How ANC Group’s Pen Testing Can Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

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The average ransomware demand globally rose to over $220,000 in 2021. Additionally, the average recovery cost resulting from recovery expenses, ransomware removal, and opportunity cost is now said to be as much as $1.85m. With the cost to recover from these attacks being so high, what’s the best way to prevent them?

The cost of foregoing cybersecurity protection is steep. Businesses are starting to realize this and are looking for guidance to ensure their data is protected.

There are various security methods available to protect data, including managed cybersecurity, security awareness training, and network monitoring. Penetration testing is one of the most effective methods available, and it’s used by ANC Group as a way to further prevent ransomware attacks before they develop into a major threat.

What is Pen Testing?

Penetration testing is a type of security assessment that attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure. It uses automated tools to search for potential weaknesses in a company’s systems, such as:

  • Unpatched software
  • Weak passwords
  • Vulnerable services

The results are analyzed and used to help make recommendations for further strengthening the overall security posture of the organization. This is a proactive approach to cybersecurity: identifying the holes in your system before they’re under attack. When a cybercriminal makes an attempt to unlawfully enter your system, they’ll be unsuccessful.

The Costs and Benefits of a Penetration Test for Your Organization

In today’s digital landscape, preparation is the key to staying protected from threats and moving your business forward with efficiency.  ANC Group’s penetration testing provides insights into critical and actionable information that allows organizations to stay ahead of cybercriminals and avoid costly data breaches.

Here’s how penetration testing can help strengthen your cybersecurity defenses: 

  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Test your cyber-defense capabilities
  • Maintain customer trust 

How Can ANC Group’s Pen Testing Help Prevent Your Organization From Falling Victim To Ransomware?

ANC Group penetration testers use a combination of automated tools and manual methods to identify potential vulnerabilities in your system. This testing can be done remotely or on-site, depending on what’s necessary for the organization. At ANC Group, we know the importance of customized solutions for each business, and we work hard to evaluate and find the best options for you.

Once any possible vulnerabilities have been identified, our team will provide you with a detailed report that outlines all of their findings. This report will also include guidance and the next steps on how to resolve the vulnerabilities, allowing you to take action quickly and efficiently.

Our cybersecurity experts can also provide ongoing penetration testing services for your organization if necessary. This continual process helps ensure that any newly introduced components or applications are regularly tested in order to identify risks before they become a problem. 

Contact us today to find out more about penetration testing and how we can help keep your organization safe from ransomware and other threats.